Everyone wants the deep-bronzed glow of a suntan


As we all know, there’s a bit of a tan-craze sweeping the country. It seems everyone wants the deep-bronzed glow of a suntan, especially during the lead-up to the summer months when much more of our bodies tend to be on show – pasty vit-D deprived legs are not a great look on the beach! However, lying on the golden sand soaking up the rays to get that perfect airbrush tan look comes with huge health risks.

So the safest way to get that sun-bronzed glow is to opt for a fake tanning product, possibly using a spray tan method which ensures an even colour. There are no harmful rays and no risk of skin cancer – plus a perfect airbrush tan can be achieved in just a few hours! So there’s no longer any need to sit like a lobster and burn on the beach.

Cream Tan

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LA spray tan


La tan is paraben and alcohol free and contain the highest quality ingredients including Aloe Vera Gel, White and Green Tea extract and a blend of 5 vitamins to prevent drying of your skin and subsequent loss of tan. A 100% organic range we offer different shades to suit your individual needs.

LA Fast tan


Develops in 2-4 hours depending on how dark you want to go! A fast result perfect for a last minute tan!

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