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As we are sure you have heard everyone raving about vitamin A/Retinol which is is the only scientifically known element that keeps skin healthy and combats the visible signs of ageing.

But there are so many on the market!

 How do you know which to choose?

Let us give you a helping hand…

We did a quick google search and hundreds of vitamin A products appeared so we can only imagine how it leaves you feeling confused.

Vitamin A is crucial for your skin to function healthily, we are all born with vast amounts of it, think chunky plump baby. They aren’t concerned with lines/wrinkles as their skin is producing masses of it. When we age, we lose vitamin A hence the loss of elasticity of your skin and those troublesome fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

The job of vitamin A moisturiser is to add in the key vitamins we are losing daily to aid in plumping, smoothing, softening the skin.

How do we pick one?

Let us quickly break down some important details about vitamin A /Retinol…

It is the hardest ingredient to keep active (working) and to keep it as strong as possible it needs to be stored in a airtight pump bottle so that air and light cannot penetrate it and lose its activeness.

So why are companies  producing vitamin A products in glass pipette bottles? The vitamin A will lose its power as soon as you open it! You wouldn’t buy a car that when on the test drive it does 94 miles per gallon to then buy it take it home and it only does 10 miles per gallon would you? It would be a huge waste of money, right?!

Another issue with companies claiming to use “high levels of vitamin A” is that they put a % on the bottle i.e. they say “o.5%” however Vitamin A is not measured in % it is measured in volume so the percentage you see on their bottles make no sense whatsoever… the percentage of what? The volume? It just makes no sense at all.

Now we have cleared all that up let us introduce you to the HOLY GRAIL of skincare!

Please welcome in Environ Skin Essentia AVST Moisturiser with open arms.


Let us explain…

The Environ products are created by a world-renowned Plastic Surgeon, he created the Environ vitamin A product in a revolutionary way and the whole world wanted a piece and made copy cat versions. However, our Environ products are still and always will be No.1 in the skincare market. No gimmicks, no fuss, only real results. They are packaged in an airtight non clear pump bottle and have a clinical smell to them as what’s the point in wasting space in the bottle with synthetic smells when you can pack more vital ingredients into it.  The environ products contain the highest amount of Vitamin A before getting it prescribed from a doctor. You can only buy the products from highly trained Environ registered salons, you will never find it on the shelf at boots.

We offer quarterly skin Visia Analysis events with one of the extremely knowledgeable Environ Specialists showing you skin from another level, this machine shows up % of wrinkle, bacteria, sensitivity, pigmentation, UV damage… It sounds scary but it really helps to determine what your skin needs and makes a fab before and after picture.

The AVST moisturisers by Environ are some of our biggest selling  products, and for good reason. They are a brilliant product for introducing vitamin A into your skin regime. But with their different levels, AVST can cause a bit of confusion and we often asked a tonne of questions about the products. So, here is the definitive guide of everything you need to know about Environ AVST.

Firstly, what is AVST?

AVST stands for Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy. It contains a blend of active ingredients, in particular vitamin A , a crucial ingredient to include in your regime if you want to maintain healthy and youthful looking skin. Vitamin A increases cellular turnover, which will improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

So, why all the numbers?

Environ AVST moisturisers run from level 1 to level 5, with each level containing larger amounts of vitamin A. The Environ products contain the highest amount of Vitamin A before getting it prescribed from a doctor. It’s important to introduce vitamin A to the skin slowly, as going straight in with a high dose can be hard for the skin to tolerate and may cause excessive dryness and peeling. As the level of vitamin get stronger, the healthier and more radiant your skin looks. Just like in a gym you wouldn’t pick up a weight and use the same weight for the rest of your life you need to increase the weight as your body adjusts to it.

Which level is right for me?

Although it may be tempting to jump straight in at a higher level to give your skin a bigger vitamin A boost, don’t! The levels are there for a reason, so go through the stages and your skin will see the benefits.

When it comes to moving up a level, the best way to decide if you’re ready is to listen to your skin & your skincare therapist. If you have made it through a level with no irritation to the skin, you will probably be prepared to take a higher dose. A great way of slowly introducing a higher level to mix a little of your current level in with the one above until eventually your skin can move on up. Once you get to AVST 4 the vitamins are much stronger, so we advise staying on AVST 3 for a minimum of 6 months or three bottles to prepare your skin for the big jump between the two.

So, we really hope we have given you a better insight into the products out there and what really works.

Please feel free to book in a complimentary skin consultation for any more queries you may have.


We are very happy to announce that Helen will be back from maternity leave on 21st of October and she will be working Thursdays and Saturdays. We cannot wait to have her back in the salon with us, she is sure to get booked up so book an appointment to avoid disappointment.

Some other very exciting news!!

Sharn and Zoe will be going on the week long intensive Environ Skin Care training next  month and to celebrate this we are offering 25% off of any Environ facial booked in with either Sharn or Zoe. This is an offer not to be missed!


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We sent one of our therapists, Jess off to Leeds to the IIAA (international institute of anti-ageing) to do her Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) training course. The course entailed a recap of the brand Environs award winning skincare routine/products that we provide to our clients here in the salon.

She then learnt all about the amazing CST treatment (can we just say we are really excited to provide this treatment as the results are FAB). What is CST we hear you say….

Collagen Stimulation Therapy is a skin needling treatment created by the pioneer of skin needling Dr Des Fernandes (creator of Environ) that is performed on your face. It has taken the beauty world by storm and many treatments are performed as the results are so amazing! Many celebs have this treatment regularly including the likes of Kim Kardashian.

It is simply the greatest thing since sliced bread for a ageing, scared, thick, pitted, hypo & hyper pigmentation skin, improves skin tone and texture.

Now is THE time to invest your face and look A M A Z I N G.

The treatment itself is quite lengthy so, clear your diary for the afternoon and prepare to glow!

We begin by cleansing the skin multiple times to ensure you are squeaky clean and free of any bacteria, make-up and oils. You then have a topical anesthetic applied to your skin followed by a layer of clingfilm over the top to help the numbing process – this is left on for a hour to ensure your skin is completely desensitized during the treatment.

Once the hour has passed and you are numb, we then get to the exciting part, we begin to use either a roller with needles 1mm in length on the larger area of the face (cheeks & forehead) or a stamping device with a needle length of 1.5mm, this is brill for areas of concern e.g frown lines, crows feet, nose to mouth lines, scaring.

We continue to stamp/roll over the area of skin until either there is plenty of blood on the skin or you have had enough of the sensation. Now you panicked slightly when we mentioned blood didn’t you? Let us explain… CST works by rolling over the skin with tiny needles that push their way through the cells walls (not piercing them just slotting through the gaps) creating trauma to the skin which is where the blood comes in to play… the more blood the better! Yes we are aware we sound like vampires saying that but read this next part and you will most definitely lay on the bed and say to us l how much am i bleeding? Keep going!! Basically in a nut shell, when trauma occurs to the skin your blood with a whole army of amazing collagan and elastin creating soldiers rushes to the surface of the skin trying to fix the trauma, which of course the collagen and elastin plumps your skin and give it a more youthful appearance – think babies skin untouched fresh plump loveliness. So the more blood on the surface of the skin – the more soldiers are being sent there to fix the problems.

So are we right, in you want your skin to bleed a lot now?!

Once we have rolled/stamped over all over your skin, your skin is cleansed of the blood and then we apply a product called LACM1 which has brilliant anti bacterial properties to it ensuring your skin is sterile and no bacteria will spread. This is left on for four minutes and we have to warn you…. this part does sting, but it is key to make sure you don’t have a outbreak of breakouts post treatment.

Once we remove the LACM1 you then have a Aliginate Masque applied – you will feel like it is a little bit of heaven being placed on your face it is cold and calming perfect for soothing your skin. We leave this god sent product on your skin for 10-20 minutes taking the sting completely out of your face.

Once we remove this is pop on some A,C & E Oil onto your skin which is as it says on the tin, packed with vitamins to enrich your skin and help to hydrate and aid the skin in it’s healing process.

Your therapist will then give you home care advice on how to care for your skin after the treatment as once the treatment has ended, you are going to be quite red, slightly swollen and feeling quite tight.  Follow this advice to a t and you will be thanking her later.

This treatment is recommended every 2-7 days for 6 – 12 treatments to see the optimum results and start to live your best flawless skin life!

Here are some photos of before during and after the treatment – if you are squeamish look away!

Stage 1: Anesthetic and cling film is applied to the skin to numb.

Stage Two: Needling process begins – remember the more blood the better!!

Jess and the other therapist were good bleeders so they will see great results.

How Jess’ skin looked a few hour post treatment. As you can see she is quite red and inflamed.

The day after the treatment as you can see she is still quite red however it is a significant change from the previous image, the skin is starting the heal.

Two days after treatment the skin has calmed down a lot , still a little red and started to dry out and flake a little and the odd break out has happened all of which is a completely normal part of the healing process. It is key you use your Environ vitamin A moisturisers during this time to help speed up getting your skin back to normal, as soon as it feels dry smother your skin in your cream throughout the day.

 Keep your eyes peeled for more updates