Estetica Facials

We are passionate about skin and we want to improve yours!

At Estetica we believe in using the most advanced, results-driven products available today. Our approach is the same whether you’re looking to achieve specific results for a problem or simply wish to wind down and relax.

We always find that our clients would benefit from more than one of our treatments, but are conscious that time and money can be an issue.

This is why we offer our facial treatments in a different way to other salons and clinics…

We are passionate about skin and we want to improve yours! Doing this for the fairest price leads to happy clients and great satisfaction for our skin specialists. If we were unable to offer what you need due to money or time issues, we would be doing our clients a disservice.

You can choose the duration of your facial by budget and time. We will tailor-make an individual facial for you every time you visit our salon – whether this would involve taking a course of treatments over six weeks, fortnightly, once a month or four times a year.

Your skin needs change throughout the year and we will adjust your treatment selection to compliment these changes. In line with this, we guarantee we will assess your changing needs at each appointment. Of course if you especially like a specific treatment, or if we identify a particular course of treatment which would be beneficial, you can book these individually.

We’ll take care to individually select products for you which will bring results that can change your skin forever.

Essential Facial


An introduction to Mary Cohr to cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin. A massage to eliminatetoxins and relax any aching muscles and a mask and finishing products to suit your skins needs.

Essential facial with heated sauna mask


Essential facial incorporating a heated sauna mask, which helps the skin breathe freely and effectively helps to absorb the products active ingredients.

Catio Vital


Catio Vital Eye Treatment


An intensive treatment to immediately erase dark shadows, reduce puffiness and soften lines and wrinkles. Incorporating gentle drainage with relaxing massage the eyes appear revitalised and the skin is softer with lines and wrinkels reduced.

Tea Tree Teen Facial (under 18’s)


Using Australian organic tea tree products to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturise. The product range is antibacterial and will help to balance out hormonal, combination and problematic skins.