There are lots of advantages to being waxed, so those who do decide to get waxed regularly obviously find the benefits outweigh the discomfort. In fact, the discomfort of being waxed is usually exaggerated.

Some of the advantages include: large areas of unwanted hair being removed quickly to reveal a smooth area of skin, regrowth of hairs being finer and softer and the freedom from unwanted hair for long periods of time (usually about 4-6 weeks). You need to ensure the minimum length of the hair to be waxed is about 0.75cm to 1cm so that the wax will easily remove it. As your hair grows a different times, even after the best wax you may be left with fine, short hairs which had not grown long enough to be grabbed hold of and pulled out by the wax.



Any hair outside the bikini line



Small strip left on top with all underneath hair removed

Hollywood - First Appointment


All hair removed.

Hollywood - Maintenance


For those who have had a Hollywood with us before only.

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Waxing Treatments

Full Leg


Full Leg inc Bikini Line


Full Leg inc Brazilian


Half Leg


Under Arms






Eyebrow Thread


Eyebrows, Lip and Chin


Upper Lip




Upper Lip & Chin




*Not incl eyebrows



Including brows

Full Body Wax Package - *not including face.


(including hollywood)

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